The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment is an assessment of the potential environmental and social impacts of the Epanko Graphite Project. It is based on the Epanko Graphite Project Feasibility Study project design and detailed environmental and social surveys and baseline studies.

It meets all Tanzanian national regulations and is part of the application package required by the Tanzanian authorities for the issuance of a Mining Licence for the Epanko Graphite Project. TanzGraphite’s Mining Licence was granted by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals on 13 July 2015.

An upgraded ESIA to Equator Principle standards, which includes the site access road which has been submitted to the National Environmental Management Council for approval.

Environmental Impact Statement – January 2016 – CLICK HERE TO READ STATEMENT

The objective of the Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) is to provide a framework for resettlement planning to ensure that project affected persons (PAPs) that reside or have assets in the project area are relocated and compensated for any losses incurred.

The RPF is prepared as part of the requirements of the upgraded ESIA and will be followed by the completion of a Relocation Action Plan (RAP). The RPF provides a framework for negotiation with relevant project stakeholders and includes the following:

  • Baseline socio ‐ economic data
  • Identification of stakeholders and PAPs
  • Applicable Tanzanian legislation and IFC Guidelines for resettlement planning
  • A framework for the determination of compensation
  • A framework for consultation with all stakeholders
  • A framework for resolution of disputes

Resettlement Policy Framework – February 2017 – PDF DOWNLOAD

The RAP is being prepared to align with the Equator Principles and the IFC Performance Standards and EHS Guidelines.

A Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) has been designed to provide stakeholders and other interested parties with an overall awareness of the Company’s plans for the development of the Epanko Graphite Project. Communities affected by the Project play an integral role in our overall success. This is achieved through a structured and integrated community engagement approach.

TanzGraphite has identified its stakeholders based on their potential to impact or be impacted by the Company’s presence not only in Epanko but also within Tanzania.

TanzGraphite recognises that its long-term success depends on its ability to build mutually beneficial relationships and to work collaboratively and transparently with key stakeholders. In this way, the Company can take the views and concerns of stakeholders into account in its decision making.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan – March 2017 – PDF DOWNLOAD